Sumatera Provinces


Where is ‘Sumatera’?

take a look at this map of the Republic of Indonesia ..Yes, that island in red is the one. Sumatera Island consists of 10 Provinces, from north to south.Which eventually would be divided into 117 regencies and 34 cities.

The administrative regions of Sumatra (including the smaller islands nearby) are :


1.  Aceh (capital: Banda Aceh)

2.  North Sumatra (Sumatera Utara) (capital: Medan).

3.  West Sumatra (Sumatera Barat) (capital: Padang)

4.  Riau (capital: Pekanbaru) Click Here

5.  Riau Islands (Kepulauan Riau) (capital: Tanjung Pinang)

6.  Jambi (capital: Jambi)

7.  Bengkulu (capital: Bengkulu)

8.  South Sumatra (Sumatera Selatan) (capital: Palembang)

9.  Bangka-Belitung (capital: Pangkalpinang)

10. Lampung (capital: Bandar Lampung)


Provinces’ seals:

Northern group

Southern group


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