RIAU Province

The Palace of  the Sultan of Siak in Siak Sri Indrapura, Riau

Official Name : Riau (Abbreviation: na ) ; Origin of Name : the name ‘Riau’ probably derived from the Malay word ‘Rioh/Riuh‘ (noisy). It refers to a story when Raja Kecik moved its capital from Johor to a place in Bintan (today belongs to Riau Islands Province), the hectic and noisy place of the activity was then called ‘tempat yang riuh‘ (a noisy place). Later it was named ‘Ulu Riau’ in 1719.

History : Riau would be refered as whole region consists of both mainland (Riau Daratan) & islands (Riau Kepulauan). After independence, the whole Sumatera became one province (capital: Bukittinggi), in 1952 splitted off into three provinces: North Sumatera, South Sumatera and  ‘Central Sumatra Province’ where Riau, Jambi and part of Minangkabau region were into the latter. In 1958, the province was ceased to exist as it was eventually splitted off into West Sumatera (for Minangkabau people), Jambi (for Malays for the region of the Jambi Sultanate and Kerinci people) and Riau (for Malays both mainland and islands). However due to distance of both parts, since 2004 Riau was splitted into two different provinces

Founded : July 25 1958 / UU No.61 1958 (prior that was part of Central Sumatra Province from 1952-1958)

Location : Central-Eastern coast of Sumatera, along Malacca Strait. Bordering Malaysia (Malacca & Selangor), Riau Islands (Tanjung Balai Karimun), Jambi (Tebo & West Tanjung Jabung), West Sumatera (Pasaman, Limapuluh Kota, Sawahlunto-Sijunjung & Dharmasraya) & North Sumatera (South Labuhan Batu & Padang Lawas).

Capital : Pekanbaru City (Pku)

Pop: 4,546,267 (11th)/ Area: 87,023 km2 (7th)

Province Seal : Riau Malays consider green, yellow & red as the colors of Malay. These three colors also dominated the seal.

Fourty five unbroken chains symbolizing national unity, it was the year 1945, the Proclamation of the Republic of Indonesia. Seventeen grains of rice and eight cotton flowers are the symbols of wealth (food and clothing), also represent the date of the Proclamation (17 August). Riau traditional ship ‘the Lancang Kuning’ is the coat of arms of the People of Riau. Fish symbolizes that Riau’s natural resources from sea. Five layers of ocean-waves symbolize Pancasila. Kris with Serindit Melayu Bird’s Head, is a symbol of the Riau people’s courage based on wisdom and truth.

Motto : none. But some Malay proverb unofficially used such as ‘Tak Melayu Hilang di Bumi’ or ‘Esa Hilang Dua Terbilang’  (Hang Tuah’s vow of determination & never surrender)


Administrative Division :

Cities (2) :

1. Pekanbaru City (also provincial capital)

2. Dumai City 

Regencies/Municipals (10) :

3. Siak ( Siak Sri Indrapura )

4. Bengkalis ( Bengkalis city )

5. Kampar ( Bangkinang )

6. Rokan Hilir ( Bagan Siapi-api (definitive) / Ujung Tanjung (to be))

7. Rokan Hulu ( Pasir Pengaraian )

8. Kuantan Singingi ( Teluk Kuantan )

9. Pelalawan ( Pangkalan Kerinci )

10.Indragiri Hulu ( Rengat )

11.Indragiri Hilir ( Tembilahan )

12.Kepulauan Meranti ( Selat Panjang )

Note :  Original regencies are Indragiri, Bengkalis & Kampar. Later Indragiri splitted off into Indragiri Hulu (upstream) & Indragiri Hilir (downstream); then Bengkalis into Siak, Rokan Hulu, Rokan Hilir & Kepulauan Meranti. Whilst Kampar is divided into Kuantan Singingi & Pelalawan without cease its original regencies.

ZIP Code :28-29xxx/ Phone Code: 0760 (Teluk Kuantan/Kuantan Singingi); 0761(Kota Pekanbaru, Pangkalan Kerinci/Pelalawan, Minas, Tualang/Siak); 0762 (Bangkinang/Kampar, Pasir Pengaraian/Rokan Hulu); 0763 (Selatpanjang/Kepulauan Meranti); 0764 (Siak Sri Indrapura/Siak); 0765 (Kota Dumai, Duri/Bengkalis, Bagan Batu /Rokan Hilir, Ujung Tanjung/Rokan Hilir); 0766 (Bengkalis); 0767 (Bagansiapiapi/ Rokan Hilir); 0768 (Tembilahan/Indragiri Hilir); 0769 (Rengat, Air Molek/Indragiri Hulu); 0624 (Panipahan/Rokan Hilir)

Vehicle Plate : BM (all province)

University: Riau State University/Unri ; Syarif Kasim Islamic University/Universitas Islam Negeri Riau (Pekanbaru)

Riau State University – Pekanbaru

Airports: Sultan Syarif Kasim II Intl. Airport (Simpang Tiga, Pekanbaru); Pinang Kampai Airport (Dumai); Japura Airport (Rengat, Indragiri Hilir); Sungai Pakning Airport (Bengkalis); Pasir Pengaraian Airpot (Rokan Hulu)

Sultan Syarif Kasim II Airport with its new modern building

Province Fauna/Floral:

Food: Gulai Ikan Patin, Tempoyak Baung, Lempuk Durian, Gulai Asam Pedas, Kemboja cake (bolu kemojo)

Dance-art: Malay zapin, Joged tandak, Pencak Silat Melayu   Folksong : Soleram, Rentak 101, Tanjung Katung, Bungo Cempako, Lancang kuning, Ayam Putih Pungguk, Makan Sirih, Uyang Bagan Tak Ondak Belaya, Mak Long, Tuanku Tambusai, Pak Ngah Balek, Puteri Tujuh, Dedap Durhaka, Kutang Barendo

Traditional Clothes: Baju Kebaya Labuh (female) & Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga (male)

Traditional weapon : Malay kris, Pedang Jenawi, Badik tumbuk lada 

Traditional house : most of Riau traditional houses are classified as Rumah Panggung Melayu (malay rooted house), including Rumah Selasa Jatuh Kembar. Whilst the Kampar house is a mixed of Malay and Minangkabau called Rumah Lancang with Lontiok roof.

Port : Dumai Port; Sungai Duku (Pekanbaru); Bengkalis port  Bus station: Payung Sekaki Terminal (pekanbaru)

Downtown & Malls :

Places of Interest : 

*Historical Tourism, including : Siak Sri Inderapura Sultan Palace, Siak and many sultan palaces across the province, Muara Takus Temple, Kampar *Religious Tourism, including : Masjid An-Nur in Pekanbaru, Air Tiris Mosque in Kampar and more historical mosques in regencies *Adventure Tourism : Bono wave in Kampar river, Pelalawan & Pacu Jalur in Teluk Kuantan. *Shopping Tourism : Pasar Atas Pekanbaru (Riau handicrafts as well as many Malaysian & Singaporean products)

Visit :

http://www.indonesia-tourism.com/riau/places.html http://www.wisatamelayu.com/en/destination/9-Riau http://www.indonesia.travel/en/discover-indonesia/region-detail/21/riau

Pics of Provincial Capitol & Landmarks (click here):

Official Map:


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