MALUKU Province

Official Name : Maluku

Origin of Name :

History :

Founded :

Location :

Capital : Ambon

Pop: / Area:

Province Seal :

Motto : Siwa Lima

maluku_moluccas map peta

Administrative Divisions : 2 cities & 9 regencies

Cities (2) :

1. Kota Ambon ( Provincial Capital, also an autonomous city ) lies in the southern part of Ambon Island, it shares Ambon Island with Central Maluku Regency 

2. Kota Tual – An autonomous city, once was the capital city of Southeast Maluku Regency in Kei Archipelago. Now’s independent from the regency.

Regencies / Kabupaten (9) :

3. BURU ( Namlea ) – covers Northern part of Buru Island 

4. SOUTH BURU ( Namrole ) – covers Southern part of Buru Island, with neighboring tiny isle  

5. KEPULAUAN ARU ( Dobo ) – a group of about ninety-five low-lying island,  The largest island is Tanahbesar (also called Wokam); Dobo, the chief port of the islands, is on Wamar, just off Tanahbesar. Other main islands are KolaKobroorMaikoor, and Trangan. It is the easternmost islands in the province.

6. SOUTHWEST MALUKU ( Tiakur ) – It comprises a number of islands and island groups in the south of the province, including Wetar,Romang Island, the Damar Islands, Kisar Island, the Leti Islands, the Sermata Islandsand the Babar Islands.

7. CENTRAL MALUKU ( Masohi ) – consists of : Central Seram Isl. where Masohi lies; Northern part of Ambon Island, Lease Islands (Saparua, Haruku, Nusa Laut) and Banda Islands (where famous Banda Neira is)

8. SOUTHEAST MALUKU ( Langgur ) –  It consists of Kei Archipelago, shares with Tual City which once its capital city.

9. WESTERN SOUTHEAST-MALUKU ( Saumlaki ) – covering Tanibar Archipelago

10. WESTERN SERAM ( Piru ) – occupied the western part of Seram island

11. EASTERN SERAM ( Bula ) – consist of eastern part of Seram Island, Gorom Island & Watubela archiplego

ZIP Code :/ Phone Code:

Vehicle Plate :


Province Fauna/Floral:

Ethnics of origin:



Folksong:  Dance-art:

Traditional Clothes:

Traditional weapon 

Traditional house :

Downtown & Mall :

Port :

Rivers, Mountain & Natural :

National Park/Ocean Park :

Bridge & Dam :

Places of Interest :  *Historical Tourism, including : *Religious Tourism, including :  *Adventure Tourism : *Shopping Tourism : (handicrafts as well as many Malaysian & Singaporean products)

Visit : Pics of Provincial Capitol & Landmarks (click here):

Official Map:


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