NTB Province

Official Name : Nusa Tenggara Barat (Abbreviation: NTB) / West Nusa Tenggara

Origin of Name : ‘Nusa Tenggara’ is Indonesian for ‘Lesser Sunda’ which literally means ‘Southeast Island’ to refer geographily  all island from Bali to Timor.  It is now grouped into three provinces : Bali, West Nusa Tenggara (Lombok & Sumbawa Islands, next to Bali) and East Nusa Tenggara (Flores, Sumba & Timor islands).

History :.

Founded :

Location :

Capital : Mataram City (MTR)

Pop: / Area:

Province Seal :  Motto : —


Administrative Divisions : 2 Cities/ 8 Regencies (Municipals):name (its capital) -see the chart with coresponding number-

1. MATARAM City ( Provincial Capital )

2. BIMA City

3. WEST LOMBOK ( Gerung )

4. NORTH LOMBOK ( Tanjung )


6. EAST LOMBOK ( Selong )

7. SUMBAWA BARAT ( Taliwang )

8. SUMBAWA ( Sumbawa Besar )

9. DOMPU ( Dompu City )

10.BIMA regency ( Woha ) -not to be confused with Bima City; they both used to be one single entity (Bima regency with its capital in Bima city, until the city was declared as an autonomous city, separated from the regency, the capital of the regency was then moved to Woha)

ZIP Code :70-72xxx/ Phone Code:   Vehicle Plate :

State University:

Airports: Selaparang Intl. Airport (Mataram)

Province Fauna/Floral:

Ethnic/Language of Origin: Sasak (predominantly in Lombok Island), Sumbawa & Bima (native to Sumbawa Island)

Food: Ayam taliwang, ayam betutu, plecing kangkung

Folksong:  Dance-art:

Traditional Clothes


Traditional weapon :

Traditional house :

Downtown & Malls:


Port :

Rivers, Mountain & Natural :

National Park/Ocean Park :

Bridge & Dam :

Places of Interest :  *Historical Tourism, including : *Religious Tourism, including :  *Adventure Tourism : *Shopping Tourism :

Visit : Pics of Provincial Capitol & Landmarks (click here):

Official Map:


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