BALI Province

Official Name : Bali

Origin of Name :

History :

Founded :

Location :

Capital : Kota Denpasar / Denpasar City

Pop: Area:

Province Seal :

Motto : Bali Dwipa Jaya (Kawi language; means: Victorius Bali Island)


Administrative Divisions : 1 city & 8 regencies

1. Kota Denpasar (provincial capital)

2. JEMBRANA (Negara)

3. TABANAN (Tabanan City)

4. BADUNG (Mangupura)

5. GIANYAR (Gianyar City)

6. KLUNGKUNG (Semara Pura)

7. BANGLI (Bangli City)

8. KARANGASEM (Amlapura)

9. BULELENG (Singaraja)

ZIP Code : / Phone Code:

Vehicle Plate :


Province Fauna/Floral:

Ethnics of origin:



Folksong:  Dance-art:

Traditional Clothes:

Traditional weapon 

Traditional house :

Downtown & Mall :

Port :

Rivers, Mountain & Natural :

National Park/Ocean Park :

Bridge & Dam :

Places of Interest :  *Historical Tourism, including : *Religious Tourism, including :  *Adventure Tourism : *Shopping Tourism : (handicrafts as well as many Malaysian & Singaporean products)

Visit : Pics of Provincial Capitol & Landmarks (click here):

Official Map from Indonesian Office of National Land Board as of 2012 (however some new regencies/cities may still be printed as part of previous regencies) :


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