ACEH Province

Baiturrahman Mosque, The legacy of Aceh Sultanate that has survived both wars and castrathope  *previous iconic pic: President SBY and first lady in Acehnese dress during a state visit to Banda Aceh

Official Name : Aceh’s official name has been changing several times throughout periods. First, it was ‘Kesultanan Aceh Darussalam’ (1511-1959) as the sultanate ceased, it was merged into North Sumatera Province. In 1959 the province was created and named ‘Daerah Istimewa Aceh (Aceh Special Region)’ or ‘DI Aceh’ or ‘Dista Aceh’ then in 2001 it was renamed ‘Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (abbr: NAD) and finally in 2009 it was just simply ‘Aceh’.

Origin of Name : Aceh is the name of the region, as well as name of ethnic (sukee Aceh) and language (bahsa Aceh).

History : The first evidence of human habitation in Aceh is from a site near the Tamiang River where shell middens are present. Stone tools and faunal remains were also found on the site. Archeologists believe the site was first occupied around 10,000 BC ….more

Founded : Dec 7 1959; UU 24/1956 (prior that was part of North Sumatera Province, then was called ‘Aceh Special Region’)

Location : Laid in the westernmost of Indonesian archipelago, this is the place where the word ‘Dari Sabang sampai Meurake’ (from Sabang to Merauke) is. Sabang City of Aceh province is the westernmost point of the nation, while Merauke in Papua is its easternmost point. Aceh borders with Bengal bay (north), Indian ocean (west), Malacca strait (east) and North Sumatera province (Langkat, Tanah Karo, Dairi, Pakpak Bharat & Central Tapanuli).

Capital : Banda Aceh City (BNA)

Pop: 4,476,941 (12th)/ Area: 57,956 km2 (10th)

Province Seal : The symbol of Aceh Province is five rectangular-shaped cap (the ‘kopiah’ or ‘songkok’). The slogan is called Pancacita, which means five goals. I.e: justice, heroism, prosperity, harmony, and welfare. Justice is represented with scales, heroism is denoted by rencong (aceh traditional weapon), prosperity is symbolized by rice, cotton, and factory chimneys. While the dome of the mosque is representing harmony, and welfare is symbolized by the book and pen (kitab & kalam).

Motto : Panca Cita (Indonesian). Means: Five Goals (Justice, Heroism, Prosperity, Harmony & Welfare)

Administrative Divisions : 

Cities (5) : 1. Banda Aceh City 2. Subulussalam City 3. Langsa City 4. Lhok Seumawe City 5. Sabang City

Regencies (18) :

East Coast Region: 1. Aceh Besar (Jantho’) 2. Pidie (Sigli) 3. Pidie Jaya (Meureudu) 4. Bireun/Aceh Jeumpa (Bireun City) 5. North Aceh (Lhoksukon ) 6. East Aceh (Idi Rayeuk) 7. Aceh Tamiang (Karang Baru)

West Coast Region: 1. Aceh Jaya (Calang) 2. West Aceh (Meulaboh) 3. Nagan Raya (Sukamakmue) 4. Southwest Aceh (Blangpidie) 5. South Aceh (Tapaktuan) 6. Aceh Singkil (Singkil City) 7. Simeulue Island (Sinabang)

Gayo Highland Region: 1. Central Aceh (Takengon) 2. Southeast Aceh (Kutacane) 3. Gayo Lues (Blang Kejeren) 4. Bener Meriah (Simpang Tiga Redelong)

ZIP Code :23-24xxx/ Phone Code:0627 (Kota Subulussalam); 0629 (Kutacane/Aceh Tenggara); 0641(Kota Langsa); 0642 (Blang Kejeren/Gayo Lues); 0643 (Takengon/Aceh Tengah); 0644 (Bireuen); 0645 (Kota Lhokseumawe); 0646 (Idi/Aceh Timur); 0650 (Sinabang/ Simeulue); 0651 (Kota Banda Aceh, Jantho/Aceh Besar,Lamno/Aceh Jaya); 0652 (Kota Sabang); 0653 (Sigli/Pidie); 0654 (Calang/Aceh Jaya); 0655 (Meulaboh/Aceh Barat); 0656 (Tapaktuan/ Aceh Selatan); 0657 (Bakongan/Aceh Selatan); 0658 (Singkil);0659 (Blangpidie/Aceh Barat Daya)

Vehicle Plate : BL (all province)

State University: Syiah Kuala State University/Unsyiah (Banda Aceh); Malikussaleh State University/Unimal (Lhokseumawe); Ar-Raniri Islamic State Institute (Banda Aceh).

clockwise : Syiah Kuala State University’s chancellory buildg-paedogogic faculty-darussalam monument-medicine faculty

Airports: Due to its large area, Aceh has many airports (ranging from International to small ones), probably the most with 10 airports: 1. Sultan Iskandar Muda –previously Blang Bintang– Airport (Banda Aceh) 2. Maimun Saleh Airport (Sabang) 3. Rembele Airport (Takengon, Central Aceh) 4. Malikussaleh Airport (Lhokseumawe) 4. Lasikin Airport (Sinabang/Simeulue island) 5. Calang Airport (Calang city, Aceh Jaya) 6. Teuku Cut Ali Airport (Tapaktuan, South Aceh) 7. Medang Ara Airport (Kuala Simpang, Aceh Tamiang) 8. Kutacane Airport (Kutacane city, Southeast Aceh) 9. Peudawa Rayeuk Airport (Idi, East Aceh) 10. Kuala Beukah Airport (Langsa city) 11. Lhok Sukon Airport (Lhok Sukon, North Aceh)

Province Fauna/Floral:

Ethnics of origin: Aceh, Gayo, Aneuk Jamee, Singkil, Alas, Tamiang Malays, Kluet, Devayan, Sigulai,Pakpak, Haloban & Lekon Language: each ethnic has their own language, but Bahsa Aceh & Indonesian serve to be the language used in the province.

Food: Indian/Arab cuisine has its deep impact in Acehnese culinary, famous Teh tarik, Roti Canai & Kari Kambing, Mie Aceh are among the highlightsnacks from the province. Timpan, Masak udang cumi, Gulai Aceh,Daging masak pedas,Korma kambing, Sie Reubeouh cuka, Gulai kepala ikan,Kanji Rumbi.

clockwise: aceh noodles with crab – roti cane & kari kambing/mutton curry – timphan cake – gulai pliek u 

Folksong: Bungong Jeumpa, Naam Sidi Dance-art: Acehnese Seudati, Saman, Tarek Pukat, Rapai Geleng, Ranub Lam Puan. Gayonese Guel & Didong. Tamiang Malays Ine.

Traditional Clothes: 4 major ethnics : Acehnese, Gayo, Tamiang Malays & Aneuk Jamee, each has their own baju adat.

Gayo & Tamiang Malays wedding dress:

Traditional weapon Sikin PanjangPerisai AwePerisai Teumagasiwahgeuliwang, peudeueng. But Rencong definetely the most famous icon from Aceh.

Traditional house : Acehnese traditional houses called ‘Rumoh Aceh’. This custom home-type houses on stilts with 3 main sections and an additional part. Three main parts of Aceh is home seuramoë keuë (front porch), seuramoë Teungoh (central foyer) and seuramoë likot (back porch). While an additional part that is rumoh Dapu (home kitchen).

Downtown & Mall :

clockwise: downtown banda aceh’s beca – simpang 5 roundabout – tsunami museum – new plaza

Port :

Rivers, Mountain & Natural :

National Park/Ocean Park :

Bridge & Dam :

Places of Interest :  *Historical Tourism, including : *Religious Tourism, including :  *Adventure Tourism : *Shopping Tourism : (handicrafts as well as many Malaysian & Singaporean products)

Official Map:


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