BANTEN Province

Official Name : Banten (Abbreviation: na) ; Origin of Name : ‘

History :

Founded :

Location :

Capital :

Pop:   Area:

Province Seal :  Motto : Iman & Taqwa (Faith & Pious)

Administrative Divisions: 4 Autonomous cities & 4 Regencies

* Within Jabodetabek Area (Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Area): 

1. Tangerang City

2. South Tangerang City (actually it is a city-regency, as the city has a capital -which is unusual- at Ciputat district and anysoon will be moved to Setu district)

3. TANGERANG Regency (Tigaraksa)

*Outside Jabodetabek Area : are those which located in greater Banten province itself

1. Serang City

2. Cilegon City

2. SERANG Regency (Baros)

3. PANDEGLANG (Pandeglang City)

4. LEBAK (Rangkas Bitung)

ZIP Code :70-72xxx/ Phone Code: 021

State University:


Province Fauna/Floral:

Ethnic/Language of Origin:


Folksong:  Dance-art:


Traditional Clothes:


Traditional weapon :

Traditional house :

Downtown & Malls:


Port :

Rivers, Mountain & Natural :

National Park/Ocean Park :

Bridge & Dam :

Places of Interest :  *Historical Tourism, including : *Religious Tourism, including :  *Adventure Tourism : *Shopping Tourism :


Visit : Pics of Provincial Capitol & Landmarks (click here):

Official Map:


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