Jakarta Special Capital Region

Official Name : Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta Raya (Abbreviation: DKI Jaya / JKT) ;

Origin of Name : The name Jakarta was not known until 1527 when Fatahillah from Demak & Cirebon Sultanates victoriously took the city of ‘Sunda Kelapa’ from Portuguese and change the name to ‘Jayakarta’ (Victorious City). Various name that linked to Jakarta are :  Sunda Kelapa (prior 1527),  Jayakarta (15271619), Batavia/ Batauia,  or Jaccatra/ Xacatra (1619-1942), and Djakarta (1942-1972).

HistoryJakarta was first mentioned in the historical records in the 4th century, when it was a Hindu settlement and port. Ever since, the city had been variously claimed by the Indianized kingdom of Tarumanegara, the Hindu Kingdom of Sunda, the Muslim Sultanate of Banten, the Dutch East Indies, the Empire of Japan, and finally Indonesia. More…..

Founded : 22 June 1527

Location : Java Island; borders with Banten & West Java Provinces

Capital : —

Pop: 9.607.707 (1st )/ Area: 740,3 km2 (34th-the smallest in the nation)

Province Seal : Blue & yellow dominates the seal, with National Monument (Tugu Monumen Nasional) as its centerview. Rice and cotton; ocean waves below and Masjid dome above. The province’s motto is writen atop.

Motto : JAYA RAYA (Victorious – Great)

Administrative Divisions: 5 Kotamadya (Cities) 






& 1 Daerah Administratif (Administrative region) : JAKARTA KEPULAUAN SERIBU/Thousands Island.

The islands of the Thousand Islands is a regency which belongs to the city of Jakarta. This makes Jakarta the only capital city in the world which contains more than 100 islands since in the official list, the Thousand Islands Regency contains 110 islands. It also serves as a marine national park (Taman Nasional Laut Kepulauan Seribu), where sea turtles are conserved. Located 45 km north of Jakarta. The complex contains 342 reef platforms, with 110 formes an island larger than half an acre. There may be as many as 700 individual reefs in the complex.

The cities and regencies that border DKI Jakarta are now called  ‘Ja-Bo-De-Ta-Bek‘ (-abbreviation of Jakarta and 4 other cities: Bogor & Depok Cities of West Java Province, Tangerang & Tangerang Selatan Cities of Banten Province and Bekasi City of West Java Province), a megapolitan city they’ve become, covering more than  661 km2

ZIP Code :70-72xxx/ Phone Code: 021

State University: University of Indonesia (UI) Salemba campus, Central Jakarta (however main campus is located in suburban area of Depok City/West Java Province, an outskirt of DKI Jakarta itself); Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) in Rawamangun, East Jakarta; Universitas Islam Negeri Jakarta ‘Syarif Hidayatullah’ (UINJ).

Airports: Halim Perdana Kusumah Airport (private/state used only) in Cipinang Melayu/Halim area, East Jakarta. While Sukarno-Hatta International Airport is located in Cengkareng, Tangerang, Banten Province.

Province Fauna/Floral:

Ethnic/Language of Origin:Betawi/ Bahasa (Melayu) Betawi – the dalam & the pinggir dialects.

Food: Snack/Cake: Dodol Betawi, Kembang Goyang, Kerak Telor. Soup: Soto Betawi, Laksa Betawi, Asinan Betawi. Rice: Nasi Uduk, Nasi Briyani, Nasi Kebuli.

Folksong: Kicir-Kicir; Jali-Jali; Sirih Kuning; Langgam Betawi; Keroncong Tugu (a mestizo art of local/Malay with Portuguese descendants)  Dance-art:  Tandak Betawi, Tari topeng Betawi, Zafin

Traditional Clothes: There are at least four main traditional costumes of Betawi, two of them are ‘The Wedding Clothes (Baju Pengantin) & Baju Demang (usually for the elder or the head of village)’. The dress below shows Betawi’s open  culture that twist local culture (Malay) with Arabic (Hadramouti), Chinese and coastal Javanese. Baju pengantin for groom is called -‘Dandan care Haji’ or ‘dress like a hajj pilgrim’ consist of Arabic’s Hadramouti gamis or ‘Jubah/Jube’  completed with surban for headdres. The bride represents ‘chinese princess’ and is called ‘Dandan gaye Putri Cine’ completed with Kebaya ( Kun ), widen yuang dress ( Tuaki ), chest cover ( Tearatai/ Delime ), with shoe: alas kaki selop tutup perahu kotek. For headdress, consist of siangko with face cover (cadar) completed with 4 pieces of burung hong birds, kembang rumput, kembang goyang and other variants.     Baju Demang is a formal dress for older person or special occasion. It represents the westernised baju teluk belanga, (below)

And for the youngster are ‘Baju Abang None’ (consist of ‘Abang/male’ who wears a long gamis -Indian style- with Javanese/Sundanese cap in Betawi batik; while ‘Nona/female’ dress is colorful long kebaya with contrast kain tudung/hijab). Other than that is a more informal dress called ‘Baju Kadariah’ where the male wears -usually- white baju koko with Javanese batik trouser and kopiah (Indonesian cap), the female wears short colorful kebaya encim (coastal kebaya) with kain batik Betawi. (below)  

Traditional weapon : Gobang, Parang, Golok

Traditional house : Rumah Betawi

Downtown & Malls:


Port : Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa & Tanjung Priok

Rivers, Mountain & Natural : Ciliwung, Cipinang, Sunter, Kalideres, Kalimalang

National Park/Ocean Park : Kepulauan Seribu Ocean Park & Muara Angke National Park

Bridge & Dam : —

Places of Interest :  *Historical Tourism, including : *Religious Tourism, including :  *Adventure Tourism : *Shopping Tourism :

Visit : Pics of Provincial Capitol & Landmarks (click here):

Official Map:

Credit pics : abnonjakpus.org – sewabusanabetawi.com


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    Alamat :
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    Kami Menyediakan segala atribut mengenai Betawi antara lain:
    – Pakaian Abang – None Jakarta
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    – Baju Pengantin ( Dandan Rias Gede )
    – Upacara Adat Betawi
    – Ondel-ondel Mini atau Besar
    – Silat Betawi
    – Kue-kue & Masakan khas betawi
    – Tarian Betawi Topeng Betawi, Lenong, Gambang Kromong, dll
    – Jasa MC Tour Guide, dll.
    Note :
    *) Tersedia aneka pilihan warna kebaya

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